Hello Darkness, My Old Friend


Now I will admit, that is a pretty evil way of starting off the magnum opus that is this blog, but I am showing you the coolest Pokemon of all-time eating the nicest, most faithful Pokemon for two reasons: one, that certainly just caught your attention; and two, I won’t lie to you, there will be moments in my writing that will get that dark, so get excited! Don’t worry though, if this picture were to serve as an analogy for the blog, I would write stories about my sympathy for the Pikachu, his struggle, and the sadness of living in a cruel world where Gengars can take advantage of you. I have no sympathy for the devil.

I could basically save myself the trouble of writing the rest of this blog by just naming The National and Bon Iver. I will start it all up with these two modern bands that just sum up everything I could ever feel or try to relate to you. The National’s “gloomy vignettes of city dwellers” and Bon Iver’s tales of a man living alone in a Wisconsin hunting cabin during the winter are about the best things that have come into my life for a long time now. Matt Berninger (singer for The National)’s baritone and Justin Vernon (singer and songwriter for Bon Iver)’s falsetto, ironically at opposite ends of the vocal spectrum, contain everything you need to know about whether or not to bother trying to make it through a depressive life. These guys will give you poetry that is black and bright, beautiful and barren, sad and hopeful for song after song so that when you get to the end of the album and hit “repeat”, you may not be laughing and jumping around but at least you will have an appreciation of the beast living inside of you that you didn’t have one hour before.

It’s funny how I originally started off the preceding paragraph by trying to name all the directors, films, authors, television shows and books that could help you understand me in a metaphorical way from the very start, but I could only end up listing those two. What does it say that the two most meaningful and lasting experiences I have had with art (and therefore, anything else) in the past four or five months have been with two very quiet, reserved indie-folk bands? Hmmm……

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