About the Absent Author

Over the past half-decade or so, I have fallen into quite a depression. Most of my life has come to be based around it—my hobbies, my friendships (or lack of), my interests and the rest. I don’t really have any desire to tell any of you who I am, nor will I show these writings to the people I know, with the exception of maybe my therapist (of course a great reason to do this being that I can say just what I want! Give a man a mask and he will give you the absolute truth). All I am looking for is a platform to stand up on and in a semi-organized way to declare my thoughts to whomever might be listening. I’ll give you this though: I am a soon to be twenty year old in Boston; I am currently taking a year off from college, though I would be a sophomore; and if any of you are reading, I would love it if you would let me know.

**As an addendum, I actually have only a very modest beard and not the full-bodied, robust Leo Tolstoy beard the blog title would suggest.

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